The Hold up.

Could these be any cooler ? My pick, the black slouch shoulder bag with gun, or the black clutch.

These are going on my wish list for when I return and can re-evaluate my budget. 

You can find these sneaky treats here
Inspiration courtesy of Melbourne blogger  il etait une fois

Outfit Inspiration: Bright Separates.

I don't think I'm going to get over the brights colouring blocking trend. Just perusing shopbop and I can across this. I then realised that I have this exact same skirt! I picked mine up for $5 at the suitcase rummage though.. WINNING!

Going home to team it with something bright and whimsical looking.

So Cute: Internet find.

Saw these bad boys here ... I DIE for the baby pink ones...

I wonder if the lipstick would eventually wear down ? haha

Lennon Lover.

Crushing on this style of sunglasses. Typical round style as seen on iconic rockers like John Lennon and Ozzy Osbourne and more recently Lady GaGa. They are making a massive comeback and I honestly think this style suits nearly all face shape. Pop into a shop and try a pair on, it will be love at first sight!

I'm struggling to pick which ones I want, trying to find a mint condition vintage pair with black and gold frames. Hit a girl up if you have seen some...

C xx

Images sourced from: Tuula, MarketHQ, Karmaloop and other various sources

Happiness as a Multiparametric Optimisation.

Men usually find some degree of happiness in the satisfaction of their desires. The hungry man is a happy when fed, the thirsty man, after a drink, the poor man in the achievement of wealth. Human nature being what it is, is made up of a multitude of desires which are frequently in conflict with one another. For example, our desire for leisure is against our desire for for wealth which we achieve through work. Our desire to look attractive is opposed to our desire to eat lots of sweets, and so on.

Our happiness then can be thought of as the degree to which we have satisfied our desires. Considering the multifaceted nature of our desires, each "facet"being a parameter of happiness, our degree of happiness can be considered as a sort of reflection on the  multiparametric satisfaction of our desires.

As said before, some of our desires are in conflict with each other and therefore satisfaction of parameter X may come at the expense of parameter Y.  Philosophically speaking, the task at hand is similar to that of the engine designer; how do you optimise for happiness given conflicting human desires.

From a systems point of view, system optimisation will occur somewhere between the extremes of the conflicting parameters. In other words, total system optimisation will occur at a point where the individual component parameters may not be completely satisfied. Now this is very important, since it explains a lot of human cognitive pathology and folly.

Consider human sexual satisfaction. The hedonist may argue that sex is the ultimate pleasure and that satisfaction of this one parameter will lead to happiness. (This of course is a simplification, but bear with me). Consider the following "Sexual Happiness Decay curves", for three hypothetical women, a 10, an 8 and a 5 respectively.

We see that sex with a "10" is much better than sex with a "5" but over time, due to factors such as familiarity and habituation, over time  the pleasure from each act tends to diminish. There is nothing like the rush of the new. The natural strategy to then to optimise sexual pleasure is to try and recreate the "rush" of the new.  The following graph illustrates this strategy. (Each new curve is a new partner)
The theory being that by changing the partner a recreation of the initial satisfaction state can be achieved. In reality, the easier the "prey" is to catch the less pleasure that one gets from it. The strategy then for the sexual hedonist is to achieve a steady supply of new lovers to keep his sexual satisfaction at a high state. The problem is though, most humans do not live on sexual satisfaction alone, and need other things such as companionship and love from others. Now true abiding love, seems to be a time dependent phenomenon. A love/satisfaction curve could hypothetically be drawn as below.
(N.B love as opposed to infatuation)

Now consider a man who meets a "10" and sticks with her, a graph of the sexual pleasure/love curves could be visualised as follows:
Now note, his system happiness is greater than his potential sexual happiness after a while. Compare this to the "player approach":

By optimising for one parameter, sexual satisfaction, he has traded this off for deep abiding love. The rapid turnover of partners never lets deep abiding love develop. There is no doubt that he may be sexually more satisfied than than the man above, but his total "system" happiness is less than in the above graph. This is the dark side of "Game"; it's a uniparametric optimisation of the multiparametric human system.

Of course these graphs are simplifications, but they illustrate the logic behind a lot of human folly. The systemically optimised man, at any given point finds that any one of his particular desires remains unsatisfied, if he is unable to see the "big picture view" of his condition, he may be tempted to focus on one parameter at the expense of all the rest.

The thing to realise about earthly happiness is that it is not a satisfaction of every human desire, but a balance of them. A lot of human misery is caused by seeking a uniparametric solution to the problem of unhappiness. In trying to satisfy every one of our desires, or even one fully, happiness eludes us.

We envy Alex: Alex Sultan

Melbourne based, Brisbane bred. I think it's safe to claim Alex Sultan as one of our own...

Young fashion enthusiast and creative director of her own swimwear/clothing label I Envy Alex has recently returned to Brisbane after her career saw this youngster pack up her bags and head down south. Alex left Brisbane to endeavour on a small adventure in retail management down in Melbourne, with hopes to also promote and expose her label. 

Alex has been objective and realistic in dealing with her label and has come to accept the struggles of starting from the bottom and working her way up as a young designer. She has put in the hard miles to source stockists and  design for a specific target market and so far, things seem to be paying off. With pending financial backing, Alex contemplates moving back home to continue the designing of her new collection which she hopes to release before the end of the year.

With bangin personal style her self, how could I not take the opportunity to get together with this young entrepreneur. Her style is modern, unique and fresh and it is obvious that she finds inspiration from fellow bloggers such as Rumi Neely from Fashion Toast

My mum always told to me surround your self with successful people and you will always strive to do your best, Alex's parents must have told her the same thing because she is fortunate enough to be the girlfriend of The Bunker Boutique owner Jordan Ivonenitti who obviously encourages her passion as it is very much his own.  Support is the key in any attempt to launch your own label.

Thank you Alex. Stay tuned  next week for my catch-up with Jordan ...

C xx

Alex Wears:
Top: Francz - Stocked at The Bunker Boutique
Pants: Sportsgirl
Sunnies: Garnsis
Bag: Spencer and Rutherford
Ring: Mania Mania

Photo Location: Kangaroo Point "The Cliffs"

Justice Embodied Bearing the future to protect the Earth

This article really makes you think.

Justice Embodied
Bearing the future to protect the Earth
by _Sandra Cuffe
The Dominion - http://www.dominion

Image from:
(http://www.dominion images/3906)
VANCOUVER—A boy found his younger brother’s body hanging in the basement.
Another mine passed the environmental review process. More women are going
missing and are murdered. The search for a nuclear waste site continues.
Stories told by the media are presented as a series of disconnected
incidents and issues. Most governments, federal or otherwise, work in a similar
framework of disconnection, whether to determine jurisdiction or to deflect
accountability. Public discussion often separates reality into compartments.
The discourse of many groups and campaigns working on environmental and
climate issues explicitly rejects this disconnected perspective. However, that
same discourse has been questioned for its failure to make many other
connections that Indigenous peoples, women and others have been pointing out
for decades.
“Once you go to a birth, you know how connected you are to the earth, and
to all creation around us,” says Neddie Thompson, a traditional midwife from
Akwesasne, in Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) territory. “It’s the women who give
birth to all of our take care of this land.”
“As an Indigenous feminist, one of the links I, as well as many Indigenous
women across the world, see is between reproductive health and
environmental justice. Simultaneously I am angry about the lack of recognition of this
link within most environmental discourse,” wrote Cree/Norwegian Indigenous
feminist Erin Konsmo. Also a student, she added that “[it’s] insulting to
hear in environmental classes that the idea of any form of sustainability
is a new concept.”
The declaration from the International Indigenous Women’s Environmental and
Reproductive Health Symposium held last year in California states that “
[sovereignty] and autonomy in relation to our lands, territories and
resources are intricately connected to sovereignty and autonomy in relation to our
bodies, minds and spirits.”

You can read the rest of the story at: (http://www.dominion articles/ 3897#)

Preppy Winter.

Outfit Post #4

I couldn't wait to do an outfit post using my new Gary Bigeni shorts that I bought at the sample sale last weekend (see post here). I actually went out and bought this cute little jumper just so that I could make the outfit appropriate for a winter post.

Wore this outfit to work yesterday and I felt amazing ! There is no better feeling than waking up in the morning and knowing exactly what you are going to wear that day, hence why I enjoy doing the outfit layouts, that and the fact that I'm horribly un-photogenic.

This outfit is another perfect example of combing lower end labels with high end. You don't always have to be strutting around in $500 plus items of clothing to feel good. I usually feel rather content wearing something from Target, as long as I have put together the outfit well.

Shirt: Supre
Jumper: Red Berry
Shorts: Gary Bigeni
Scarf: Target
Earrings: Diva
Skull Bangles: Samantha Wills
Shoes: RMK
Bag: LV

Lorna Jane: Modern Muse

Lorna Jane current campaign "Modern Muse." has been shot all over Brisbane City. See if you can recognise any of the scenery in these shots.

I'm like this more fashionable approach towards their campaign. Just goes to show that Lorna Jane isn't just a lifestyle brand but a fashion label as well.  You can check out the behind the scenes here.

Textured Dreamer.

Fringe, lace, crochet, weaving, mohair, feathers, threading, plating, beading, floating, layered textured dreams. Very consistent this season and so easy in most cases to DIY, especially the Celine bag....

I think Givenchy did it best, and I think it's evident in how many times we have seen celebrities and models wearing pieces from their Fall 2010 collection especially last week at the Met Ball and last night at the amFAR Awards.

Images sourced from,, Le Fashion, Studdedhearts, Rochadames