Put your best foot forward

You know if you to claim that you smart: be smart. Don’t pretend like you like are. I’m not an avid shoe person, but I’m a sneaker monger. I have love of shoes; on the down low; but shoes need to be simple to attract my wondering fashionable eye. Specific small details on a shoe make it what it is. Here is what you can go for, if you want to score big time; anywhere & with any one.

Brands are not an issue, style is. Make sure the heel is not too thick & massive, because today’s trends don’t allow them anymore. Its not me; its minimalism at its best. If you think it only happens in houses & apartments; well you got another thing coming. It’s slim & close to the body. Well, I wish I could find awesome shoe brands in SA; because they’re hiding somewhere I can’t find them.

I finally taught a certain youth to pick up a book & read! It worked, because after a hard 2 week struggle of opening one book & finish it than getting bored after two pages, he finally finished. I’m really proud, even if it was just a 64 page read (very small book indeed), he conquered his reading phobia.

I gave him a book called I’m light skinned, but don’t call me a kwerekwere( foreigner) by Farai Tandy. He’s a local poet & he has graced the TSJS twice already. Brilliant, young poet. I never thought that my love for poetry would be satisfied so much that I read it twice. There are a few favourites in there, but they are too many to mention. Its a great book & advise that you guys get it quick, its very satisfying, guaranteed... You can join his group; Fara-zie publishing on Facebook.

Get it at the THESIS CONCEPT STORE, my home & your home...

New Ladies Range Now In Store!

Ladies Ladies here is some candy for your eyes...!

Ladies T-shirts

Prole Drift.

Every time someone argues that things are different now compared to the past, some wag will always argue that things have remained the same. The facts don't however don't support this view.

How British Life Has Changed Since 1997.

Viviene Westwood

Yeah! When you saw the heading you where expecting a fashion inset. No Viviene Westwood has crossed over to interior designing by collaborating with Cole and Son wallpaper manufactures. What is nice is that some of these wallpapers are inspired by some of her fashion garments.

Vivienne Westwood told Vogue, "It is good when my ideas get carried over into other artistic media. This collection is a perfect opportunity to be able to work with a heritage company like Cole & Son and to see my ideas from fashion translated into the world of interiors and wallpaper."

'Insects' inspired by Elizabeth I's wardrobe

'Shirting' is a design where Westwood references traditional city gent shirt stripes

'Cut-out Lace' from the S/S 07 'I am Expensiv' collection

Haldane Martin

Visit Haldane Martin at the Design Indaba Expo stand B9a

Here is some of his beautiful work:

Shelving System

Weightless Server

Couch Surfing


You tired of your hectic life? Want take a breather and you don’t have enough money for accommodation? I know I sound like some ad that sells stuff that you don’t even need. Well, here is something a lot of people are engaging in all over the world. Couch surfing. No, it’s not taking your couch out to the sea & get on it like a surf board. It’s actually a new way of accommodation. It’s hosting people on your couch. Especially; backpackers who seek accommodation at a very minimum cost. This not so new accommodation style of staying with a local as a guest in their home is being experienced by about 1.25million people, to date. Apparently 1.5 million new friendships have been formed through CS. Members have reported 3.2 million positive experiences. So, believe me its ideal & I’m thinking of trying it out my self. You can apply & be a member for accommodation or to accommodate (that is if you have a couch).
Visit them on couchsurfing.com. Now you don’t have an excuse of not travelling. Maybe you should sit down on your couch & think about it... It also gives more people the chance to become travelers, because 'surfing' lowers the financial cost of exploration.

Watch the Documentary

Last Saturday we premiered our documentary 'the story so far'. If you missed it or would like another look. You can watch it here.

Traditionalism and Female Sexuality

Commentator Thursday wrote an article which I felt deserved far more discussion that what it received. How Social Conservatives and Traditionalists Got It Wrong About Female Sexuality dealt with an issue that I feel has been poorly handled by the conservative movement: Namely, female sexuality and its social implications. The traditionalist influence on the conservative movement is , I think, responsible for this. Its conception of womanhood is wrong and conservatism’s failure to rectify the issue goes a long way to explain feminism’s triumphant march through most of 20th century culture. We were fighting the wrong battles.

As a young man debating Socialists, I would be often appalled by the glib manner in which socialists would dismiss facts about Communist atrocities. I often wondered to myself, why did unjust salaries arouse indignation whilst horrific murders not? Why did some things get picked through with a fine tooth comb whilst more important things glossed over?

As I have gotten older, it has slowly dawned upon me that the difference between socialists and myself was at a more fundamental level than simple difference of opinion. What separated us lay in our relationship to the concept of the truth. To put it bluntly, I believed in the entirety of the truth whilst liberals are "selective” in their acceptance of it. For whatever reason, socialists, liberals--call them what you want--all seemed to have a habit of ignoring facts which would challenge their preferred view of thew world. Take for example the racial IQ debate. Now, I believe that there are differences in racial IQ, but the implications of this fact are complex and cannot be simplistically reduced. But when the facts are presented to a liberal they are cognitively ignored either through processes which attempt to render the fact irrelevant or denied outright. Ignoring facts did not bother them. It bothered me a lot.

Orwell, who was a great chronicler of the intellectual pathology that facilitated the rise of socialism, never as far as I’m aware got around to naming this intellectual pathology. Which is a shame since I think it is the core pathology of the authoritarian mind. Socialism would have been impossible without its operation. The term I propose is Thought-filter, the ability to reject inconvenient facts which are out of line with the desired state of affairs.

In the novel, 1984, a person with a good thought-filter--(as determined by the Thought Police)--accepted party orthodoxy without question, even when presented with self evident facts contrary to their beliefs. Perfection of this state was achieved when the individual was presented with a contradictory facts yet no incongruity was noted and hatred was generated towards the “inconvenient truth”. Thought-filtering is the triumph of ideology over the truth, a state where the mind prefers its own conception of reality rather than the real world. Debate at any member of Greenpeace or Feminist and you’ll get the picture. Facts which don’t support the cause are irrelevant. Raising them, bad manners worthy of censure. It is the motive force of Political Correctness.

Now it would be false to assume that this intellectual pathology was solely confined to the Left. The Right has had its own periods of successful thought-filtering and many so called conservatives operate within a similar mindset and frequently it is a quite widespread phenomena. A lot of conservatives have a problem with “Game” and despite overwhelming and scientific evidence, dismiss it. The case in point being Lawrence Auster and his rejection of “Game”. Now I’m going to pick on Auster not out of any particular reason, rather, he is typical and high profile social conservatives who rejects Game.

Now I presume that Auster rejects the concept of Game because of:

The hedonistic lifestyle that he assumes is part of it.
The assumption it makes with regard to female nature.

Firstly, there are plenty of bloggers who believe in Game yet don’t believe in Hedonism. If Game could be given a definition then it would be; the knowledge of how women think,what women find attractive and the capability to apply that knowledge effectively. If Auster’s objection to Game is that it is inherently Hedonistic he is quite simply wrong. However what I suspect is that what Auster really objects to--and I could be wrong--are the assumptions that Game makes with regard to female behaviour. To quote from Thursday’s article;

Traditionalists have done a fairly good job of recognizing female imperfectness in areas other than sexuality, and their critiques of feminism often had traction because of this. But traditionalists haven’t really come to terms with the dark side of female sexuality. Traditionalists never really addressed why women were attracted to rakes and bad boys in the first place, nor why they would leave good men for the same. It was all chalked up to some sort of “trickery” on the part of the rake or some moral inadequacy on the part of the nice guy husband.
Now, I think Thursday is far too charitable to the traditionalists, their error is far deeper. Not only have they failed to see the “Dark side” of female sexuality, I think many of them don’t see any female sexuality at all: except perhaps for the limited necessity of childbearing. The concept that a good woman actually aches for sexual pleasure seems to either escapes them or horrifies them. To the traditionalists, women being both “lofty and high” are devoid of the base instincts that are so ever present in the male. The thought that a good woman actually may desire a good hard shag is at odds with their conception of a good woman.

Now, I think that the most vigorous proponents of Game also get it wrong. Women are sexual, but not as sexual in the same way as men. Women who have slept with lots of men, don’t seem to see it as some achievement. In fact, many of the exploits of sexually promiscuous women seem to have a “put on” quality to them They seem to have multiple partners more to prove that they are “liberated” than out of natural desire. To quote Catherine Millet:(For the pedants out there, there are always outliers)

"Yes, I f..ked for the pleasure of it," she writes retrospectively, "but didn't I also f..k so that f..king wasn't a problem?"
Anecdotally, it would seem to square up with my observations at work. Sex and love seem to be more intermixed in women than in men; where they’re discrete. In fact, a lot of the female promiscuity that goes about today is probably more a response to social pressures placed on women than natural sexual desire. Roger Scruton’s sublime insight is on the money;

Women have been shamed into being shameful.
Social pressure and culture are very important determinants of female behaviour, including sexual behaviour. But these are not the only determinants, so is natural sexual desire. And it’s this natural sexual desire that traditionalists refuse to recognise. Or when they do recognise it, they see it as a defect rather than an intended design by the Creator. Their thought-filters are working in overdrive.

Personally, I think that this Western traditional aversion to female sexuality has it roots in a residual Gnosticism in Christianity, which tended to place the spiritual at war with the corporeal. The problem is though, that man is both spirit and flesh and each has a legitimate existence. The problem with a lot of "real world" Christianity is that it tended to want to deny the legitimacy of the flesh. The idea of Christianity was to tame our passions, not kill them; which with regard to sex it tended to encourage.

The other big problem with this view was the assumption that what was pleasing in God’s sight was also pleasing to the opposite sex. Hard work, prudence, self denial etc, whilst all are good for the well being of the community, don’t really turn a woman on. There seemed to be a failure to recognise that moral virtues have little if any sexual attributes: Virtue isn’t a turn on. Courtly love was all about kindness, grace, supplication and romance. It was never about the knights brooding presence, good looks and sexual assertiveness. The smarter approach would have been to combine the two, but in the war of the spirit against the flesh, the spirit won.

The net result was that what arose culturally over time was the idea that the good and relatively asexual woman and the excessively polite man would be drawn to each other by the strength of their virtue. Which is not the way it works in the real world as many a polite beta male has found out.

Now some people may think that I’m being hard on Christianity, but I bring this little anecdote to my defence. During a Papal Audience, the late Pope John Paul II, raised the issue of the female orgasm (how the husband should see that wife is satisfied) to the look of astonishment of many of the cardinals. The fact that a Pope, talking about normal marital sexual relations, should elicit such a response says a lot of what the “institutional” Church thought was appropriate to say in polite company. In other words the intimacies of sex were not appropriate. His “revolutionary” theology of the body was revolutionary in that he preached that sex, and hence our animal natures, were good. The revolution lay in affirming the goodness of our sexual natures. It could be only considered revolutionary if the previous teaching did not consider it that way. It would be fair to say that the Church had a problem with sex, especially female sex. Admittedly it is now trying to rectify the situation now but two thousand years of ascetic teaching are going to take a long while change.

Where traditionalists get it wrong is in their preference for their this fictional “pure noble woman” model of female sexuality to its real world counterpart: The fantasy is preferable to reality. Though the evidence of the truth of Game is overwhelming it is dismissed by the traditionalists. Game offends the traditionalists not so much in its assertions(which they deny) but in its results.(which they try to explain away). Their refusal to acknowledge Game is in many ways like the socialists’ refusal to acknowledge the superiority of Capitalism as a system for generating societal wealth; an exercise in reality evasion. It's in this way that the traditionalists resemble the feminists, both rejecting rejecting reality for their preferred ideals of womanhood. Thoughtfilters in overdrive, willed blindness is preferred to seeing the truth.

R.I.P Lee

I fell in love with Alexander Mc Queen because he and I have the same dreams and nightmares. We both know this frightening and yet insanely beautiful world exists, but we can't put a finger on it. A world where creatives escape to.
He could put his dreams and his fears into a collection.
After the launch of his Spring/Summer 2010 collection range through his website (which later crashed due to traffic) I couldn't wait to see his next collection.
He has left me with the notion that I'm not alone in this frightful yet beautiful world and it does exist! So from now on, I wont be afraid to put my fantasies and illusions into my work!
Rest In Peace Mc Queen.

Not digging dirty nails... YUCK!

Why It's Not So Cool: Why bother hitting the gym and dressing for success when a speck of crud hiding under the tip of your pinkie screams "Mama never taught me how to wash myself!"
The Health Risk: A study showed that 24 percent of men harbor germs under their nails that could cause gastroenteritis (inflammation of the stomach and the intestines, with vomiting and diarrhea, usually as a result of bacterial or viral infection). This is because the space under your nails is a prime breeding ground for a veritable cornucopia of viruses. Lucky for guys, short nails are easier to keep clean than the talons some ladies sport—and let's just hope she's washing well before making you a cheeseburger.Lets hope you wash your hands before you touch your lady!

"The Monk" 1973 to 2001

Moses Taiwa "The Monk" Molelekwa(born April 17, 1973 in Tembisa; died February 13 2001) was a pianist, producer from a family of jazz musicians. He was a genius of our times who played outside South African tradition or society. He also did work beyond jazz with TKZee.

He also played with Miriam Makeba, Jonas Gwangwa, and others. In 1988 Hugh Masekela asked him to join his bands and this period saw him winning the first of several awards. His solo career began in 1994 with the debut Finding Oneself. By 1996 he had gained widespread attention as a solo artist winning two FNB South Africa Music Awards for traditional jazz and was seen as a rising star in South African jazz.

May his soul rest in peace.


10 facts about the water that you drink:

1. Its good for you

2. Good after a hectic drinking night at the TSJS

3. You might be drinking water that’s been recycled from you bath water

4. Keeps your system clean

5. Great alternative from fizzy drinks, coffee & tea(although to make these you need water to mix)

6. The average on how many glasses to drink a day is total bull!!!! Drink as little/much as you want as long as it has passed through your system a day.

7. A reality that water is not clean/ healthy in other countries & cities; therefore it needs to be purified.

8. Water usually makes up 55% to 78% of the human body

9. It also constitutes approximately 70% of the earth surface( with all these rains & floods; who knows how much it has poured in our beautiful earth)

10. Water is essential for you and the earth

Whatever the reason maybe for drinking it, just make sure if you mix it with anything; you drink plain H2O.

Disco Bingo: The first 45

This Valentine's night 8pm is Disco Bingo night. Here are the tracklisting for the first 45 tracks:

1. Depeche Mode - People are People
2. The Pogues - A pair of brown eyes
3. Jason Donovan - Sealed with a kiss
4. Rokotto - Boogie on up
5. XTC - Towers of London
6. MC Tunes - Primary Rhyming
7. Status Quo - Rockin' all over the world
8. Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass - So what's new?
9. Kool and the Gang - In the heart
10. The Alexander Bothers - Bonnie Scotland
11. Delaney & Bonnie & Friends - Never ending song of love
12. Burton Summings - When a man loves a woman
13. Heart - These Dreams
14. Meat Loaf - Bat out of hell
15. Sonny and Cher - I got you babe.
16. The Seekers - Sinner Man
17. Steve Miller Band - The Joker
18. Sparks - This town ain't big enough for the both of us
19. Prince - The most beautiful girl in the world
20. Salt N Pepa - Push it
21. Al Green - Lets stay together
22. Def Jef - On the real tip
23. James Brown - Get up (I Feel like being a sex machine)
24. Curtis Mayfield and Ice T - Superfly 1999
25. Beats International - Dub be good to me
26. The Allegro Theatre Orchestra - Fiddler on the Roof
27. AC/DC - Thunderstruck
28. Stevie Wonder - Master Blaster
29. Donna Summer - I feel love
30. Harry Connick Jr. - Bare Necessities
31. Bobby Darin - Dream Lover
32. Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (are made of this)
33. David Bowie - Lets Dance
34. Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street
35. Elton John - I'm still standing
36. Simple Minds - Ghostdance
37. Crusaders - The Hustler
38. Nilsson - Without You
39. Living Colour - Love rears its ugly head
40. Elvis Presley - Hound Dog
41. Jerry Lee Lewis - Great balls of fire
42. Jefferson Starship - Girl with the hungry eyes
43. Lenny Kravitz - It ain't over 'til it's over
44. The Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody
45. Kate Bush - Morning

See www.discobingo.co.uk for more information

LNJF Sandwiches by ?uestlove and The Roots Crew

Now; those of you who know about the Jimmy Fallon's show on NBC; will know that The Roots are the house band for his show; that’s after they decided to quit touring and take things a little easier. So on Dec 2009 ?uestlove was feeling the holiday spirit as he shared some presents to the world on his Twitter page, by serving up some “Sandwiches” from Late Night Jimmy Fallon show. These are those awesome little jams you hear The Roots crew play as the show heads into and out from commercial breaks. Apparently they have now reached a milestone by writing 1,000 of these songs, all within the past 9 months honestly this is one of the best album the band has ever put together, to relax, unwind and as background music or even to commute with “Someone Is Late To Dentist Appointment” and “The Juice Of Chicago” being my favourite tracks on the album .It’s jazzy, soulful, funky and almost all of them are Instrumentals but sadly there is no Blackthought. So it’s crazy to think that they can write these jams in no time and makes you really anticipate what they are saving for their upcoming release, How I Got Over, which is slated to be released in February. Here are 22 sandwiches, straight from the afro himself, compiled into a nice little EP.

1. Once In A Lifetime

2. Sizuuuuuuuurpin

3. Head Slicer

4. Spain (ft. Chick Corea)

5. The Juice of Chicago

6. Baatin

7. Woman

8. Choir Fire

9. Teen Town

10. Cant Keep Headphones on Head

11. Red Toe Nail Bashing

12. Blinded By The Light (No Douche Here)

13. Caveman for Dennis Quaid

14. Wan Cook Soup

15. Someone Is Late To Dentist Appointment

16. I Get Lifted

17. Werewolf Barmitzvah

18. Like This Anna Torv

19. Breezin (ft. George Benson)

20. EvenzarahlikesTHISone

21. The Suits

22. Usher In That Choir

So here’s link to download this album for free hope you dig it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shipping Container Architecture

This is what I call creative living. These portable rooms can be taken or delivered to remote or urban locations, from campgrounds and festivals to driveways and parking spaces. They contain virtually all of the standard amenities - from the basics, such as running water, to air conditioning and television. The sustainability of these is, however, questionable. Are they the next wave of urban mobility or a sign of decadent times? Let’s watch where urbanisation is taking us.

Creative Advertising!

This ashstray is a brilliant anti smoking ad from Germany it blew my lungs away. We need more creative ways to promote anti smoking.

Vice Now Available @ Thesis Concept Store

South Africa’s first apartheid-free presidential election is finally here, and to punctuate just how important this shit is, citizens have started a civil war so they can kill one another in its honor. Political analysts say Nelson Mandela and his African National Congress (ANC) will take 70 percent of the 1994 vote, leaving 20 or so other parties to grapple over the remaining 30: For violent whites there is the Afrikaner Resistance Movement; for frustrated Zulu nationalists there is the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP); for the simply hopeless there is the outgoing National Party. But enough of that facts-and-figures crap. Let’s get to the murdering!

It's Free come collect your copy!

On Sunday,I took some Me time To Watch Skin, an independent film directed by Anthony Fabian. This film was one of several featured at St. Louis International Film Festival

Skin is based on the true story of Sandra Laing, a biracial girl born to parents Abraham and Sannie Laing, both of whom are white Afrikaners, and is set in South Africa during the apartheid era. because of what's known in genetics as a throwback, an anomaly in which the black genes in her parents' ancestry never manifested until she was born. Nevertheless, Abraham (Sam Neill) and Sannie (Alice Krige) raise Sandra as a white girl.

The young Sandra (Ella Ramangwane) is tormented in school by her classmates, the teachers, and the principal, because of her appearance. Consequently, the government classifies her as Coloured, and she's expelled from school.
Undaunted, her father goes to the highest court in the land to have her declared as a white person - which was widely publicized in the press at the time, during the late '60s - but is unsuccessful. However, later, during Sandra's adolescence, a change in South Africa's racial classification law allows children to be classified as the same race as their parents. In the eyes of the law, Sandra was now a white person.

Nevertheless, as a teenager, Sandra (Sophie Okonedo “Hotel Rwanda”) can never relate to white society because of her appearance, and ultimately starts sneaking off to go to the black townships of South Africa to be among those who look more like her.
The movie follows Sandra’s thirty-year journey from rejection to acceptance, betrayal to reconciliation as she struggles to find a footing in a prejudiced world. Desperate to resemble her parents and brother Leon (Hannes Brummer), she even attempts to scrub her skin white by using household cleaners when lightening creams fail.

With scenes carefully structured to tug at heart strings, particularly poignant is the test State officials perform to ascertain Sandra’s race. This involves seeing if a pencil delicately placed in her curly hair would fall out with a slight headshake. Okonedo puts on a breathtaking performance as an older Sandra.

All I can say is a heartbreaking drama, “Skin” is one of the most moving stories to emerge from apartheid-era South Africa and has already won numerous accolades.

For those of you who have seen Skin, feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment.

Daily Little Drawings

By Rendani Mukheli

Doodles. Scribbles. Sketches.
Pen. Pencil. Paint. Ink. Vectors.
Paper. Canvas. Walls. Serviettes. Photoshop. Freehand.

No matter your medium or method, Daily Little Drawings celebrates everything that is good about illustration, typography and home-grown design.

Please send all submissions to dailylittledrawings@gmail.com and if we like it (don't worry, we probably will), you will see it in the gallery for all to marvel!

Please include a credit with the following info:

info/contact details/link:

Please make sure file size is consistent with facebook file-size limits.

By Eniko Gomori

By Fhatuwani Mukheli

By Leo Beckett

Join the Facebook group via this link


The exhibition will be Peter Eastman´s first solo exhibition in Johannesburg.
A series of 16 Portraits of different sizes.

Examples for Titles: Widower, the Unemployed Officer, the Architects Daughter
The visual paradox being that the Portraits are entirely black works that are only visible by the light that illuminates and reflects the painting. The image is only visible from a certain point of view and changes depending on ones view point. The literal paradox being that the titles or descriptions of the persons will always only be a part of the picture, that there is always something hidden or something more, and something contradictory.

All works are painted with oil, enamel and resin on aluminum. The backgrounds are black oil paint, the faces made with shiny reflective enamel. The relief of the lines is created by resin dripped onto the surface.

The exhibition runs from 11 FEBRUARY - 13 MARCH 2010

‘The artist refuses to impose any narrative or representational meaning to his imagery... Even when using the same image over and over again, the pictures are never about the same thing... The reflections become part of the image and alter in different situations and with varying light. The colours of the painting are never final.' Michael Stevenson and Annabel Rosholt, Moving in Time and Space Michael Stevenson Contemporary 2003

Co|Op is located at 68 Juta Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg
Wednesday to Friday 10:00 – 17:00
Saturday 10:00 – 14:00
Or by appointment. Call +27 11 023 0336 for more information or log on the website

Liquid Lamp

Japanese design company Kyouei Design launches this new Liquid Lamp as part of its latest range of lighting products. The lamp takes on an obvious liquid motif with a cool white shade offering a certain sense of normalcy to this wild creation.

New Madlib


I did not see this one coming amongst the new music that we expecting this year from an array of artists including Erykah Badu (30th of March), Jose James (that dropped yesterday), Silhouette Brown (dropping on the 8th of Feb), Sade Adu (8th of Feb) and a whole lot more. Stones throw records and Madlib are dropping this one on the 23rd of Feb. Expect something crazy as always from this man that also goes by the name Quasimodo, Jaylib, Madvillian, Stoney Jackson, Lootpack aka______

Thesis Social Jam Sessions