You can lead a horse to water.*

A while ago, Roissy linked to a study which showed that disgust seems to be diminished when people are sexually aroused. The study was part authored by Charmaine Borg, who is a researcher with an interest in sexual dysfunction. Her main area of interest seems to be in trying to elucidate the mechanisms of vaginismus and dyspareunia in the hope of find an effective treatment for the conditions.  Her research findings suggest that these two conditions are strongly linked to the disgust response. Apparently, there has been very little research into the disgust mechanism, so she is really paving some new ground. However if some of her preliminary finds are anything to go by, I feel that her research will have profound implications in our understanding of intersexual dynamics. Particularly the traditionalist understanding of sexual interaction.

The traditonalist "romantic" model of sexual interaction saw sex activity as an endpoint after a period of escalating romantic involvement. Essentially, a man "niced" his way into a woman's pants. Having sex for purely "physical" reasons was seen as a form of debased behaviour and hence aspects the sexual dynamic which emphasised a partners physical characteristics were downplayed or censured amongst polite society. There was a strong anti-carnal nature to our understanding of sexual love. Keep that thought.

Back to Ms Borg's research.

More interesting than her disgust study is this one, which is hot of the presses (Only have the abstract). In this experiment, women were divided into two groups; those who had positive emotional associations with sex and those who didn't. Explicitly erotic images were then shown to both groups of women whilst they underwent functional MRI scanning. The interesting finding in this study was than in both groups of women, brain activation patterns akin to that seen in disgust were activated, with the strongest activation being in those who were sex negative. The authors felt that a woman's sexual memory modulated the disgust response. In other words, women with a good experience of sex were able to modulate their disgust response more effectively than those with negative memory.

This is actually a groundbreaking experiment on two levels. Firstly, it seems to demonstrate a  default disgust-mediated inhibitory mechanism to female sexuality. Unlike men, who are good-to-go,  women it appears are in a "switched-off " mode through a disgust mediated mechanism. It's this default hard-wired bias which probably explains why there is no equivalent to the raw-sex-gay-bar scene amongst women.  All other things being equal, women are wired to find raw-anonymous-sex disgusting.

Secondly, the research seems to provide evidence to support Baumeister's erotic plasticity hypothesis by demonstrating that modulation of disgust response is possible. In fact, Borg et al have done some research which hints at cultural factors also being able to modulate this response. In this small study, Borg was able to demonstrate a link between conservative moral values and sexual dysfunction. If you encourage prudery you're going to get asexual women, as sexual puritanism re-enforces the disgust response.

Now, this research is interesting in how it intersects with traditional conceptions of sexuality and marriage.

Traditional conceptions of love placed a strong emphasis on romantic love and de-emphasised the carnal nature of the sexual dynamic. Christian writers placed particular emphasis on duties towards each other and of the need to render the marital debt owed to each other. Wives were told to submit to their husbands.  Fair enough.

But what happens when a good Christian wife, out of wifely duty, has sex with a husband she finds unarousing? Her "hard wired" neural circuitry is bound to find the experience disgusting. (Aspergoids: she has no choice in the matter).  If she does it enough times, a conditioned response sets in and the wife is involuntarily put off sex. Add a puritanical cultural environment, and you have a great mechanism for killing off sexual intimacy and encouraging extra marital liaisons. Who would have thought?

For those who are interested, an appropriate Victorian cautionary tale.

*I know it's not a horse but I liked the picture.

How to Make Your Own Designer Holiday Cards

Considering I start doing my Christmas cards at the beginning of November, this post is long overdue.

My guest post for today over at Modern Parents Messy Kids pushed me to finally put something together, so go check out that post, and come on back here for a read!

Last year, I used some fun graphics and sayings, and designed and printed my own Christmas cards on DIY wedding invitations. That's right, wedding invitations. They're blank, so who says you can't use them for other things, right?

This year I decided to do our first ever holiday photo card, mostly because we actually had a professional photo to work with.

There are so many amazing options now for photo cards, but two of my favourite sites are Tiny Prints and minted. The pricing and quality can't be beat for professional, custom cards, and if you have the time and the want for them, they are definitely worth consideration.

I decided to do something on my own this year, however, and was more than pleased with the results. I took our professional photo, added a little "faux snow" and a holiday greeting on my graphics program, converted to .jpg, and uploaded it online to be printed and picked up at Wally World just a couple hours later. I can't believe how fast it was (I honestly haven't had my digital photos turned to prints in years), and how well my graphics turned out super-imposed on the photo. I even made one print with two smaller photos, so my one 20 cent photo gave me two prints (10 cents each, woo hoo!). Now, I still like to write a personal message, so I include these prints in the sleeve of an actual card and not alone, but everybody does it differently!

I've been pounding away at writing the Christmas cards ever since, and with each photo I tape into the card, I'm more and more happy with how it turned out, and how inexpensive it was. And then this week it dawned on me... I could very easily translate this into a design service, where in less than 24 hours, you could have a custom designed photo card in your email ready to upload to be printed at Costco, or Wal Mart, or wherever you get your photos printed.

Best of all, if you run out of cards, you can just order more.

I know it's really short notice, but go on over to my etsy shop to pick out your digital design. They are JUST $5! Yup, FIVE dollars! And you can print AS many as you want! I know there are even better deals out there for printing, but using what I know, if you spend $5 for my design, and order 100 prints at Walmart Photo Centre, those 100 photo cards will have cost you just $25. And if you print 2 to a print, you could end up with 200 wallet sized prints. Holy heck that's a lot!

I haven't even got to the good part yet though- my favourite part about printing your own photo cards is that you can mix and match. You could have 4 different photos (say a family photo, a baby photo, a dog photo, etc) and have 4 different photo card designs to send to people. There are no minimums on how many you can print, so if you only want 10 photo cards of your dog, then go for it! Options, people! How amazing is that? And from now, until December 5th, you can get 4 designs of your choosing, with 4 separate photos, for just $12. I like to spread the Christmas cheer!

To make your prints look even more custom, try using a corner punch (buy at Walmart or Michaels) to round off the edges, or frame your print with some card stock.

So what do you think? Do you like this idea for last minute Christmas photo cards?

(Who would believe me if I told you my two model families are actually BOTH Smith families. No seriously, they are. No joke.)

People's Music Network coming to Springfield!

OK, this is exciting-- the People's Music Network Winter Gathering will take place in Springfield this year!
Lots going on-- and I will keep posting about this-- but right now I want to invite you to a meeting of local musicians, artists and those who believe in the power of music on Tuesday, December 11, 6 pm at Arise, 467 State St.  Let's make sure that the color, composition and creativity of our community is in full force at the PMN Gathering in January.

Here's the PMN press release:

The Peoples Music Network will hold its Winter Gathering at the Duggan Middle School, 1015 Wilbraham Rd., Springfield, MA on the weekend of January 25-27, 2013.  The theme for the weekend will be “Taking Back Our Communities”.

           The Peoples Music Network (PMN) uses music and culture to bring about social change.  PMN is a network of musicians, performers, song-writers, DJs, sound and recording engineers, music lovers, record and concert producers, promoters and archivists, whose artistry is rooted in political and social activism.  In the words of Paul Robeson, “The artist mustfight for freedom or slavery.”
            Since 1977, PMN has developed a format that includes a Friday night concert, a weekend of workshops, and a round robin. Members come from all over the country to share their love of music. The gatherings are held in different cities each winter. Summer gatherings are at a camp in the Hudson Valley.                                      
           PMN is a place to come to work on issues pertaining to cultural survival. It is a welcoming place for new musicians and songwriters as well as seasoned veterans.  It is a culturally diverse group of people committed to working on issues of oppression, having fun in the process.

             The winter gathering will present a dynamic group of musicians at its Friday night concert on January 25.  The concert will be held in the Duggan Middle School Auditorium and will begin at 7:30 pm.  The evening’s line-up will combine the political poignancy of emma’s revolution, comprised of Pat Humphries and Sandy Opatow, PMN’s Artists-in-Residence, the revolutionary lyrics of David Rovics, the musical version of Democracy Now!,  the passion and power of multilingual singer/songwriter Colleen Kattau & Some Guys, the kamikaze guitar style of Pamela Means, the driving beat of Springfield’s hip hop artists from the “Like It Or Not” collective, and the jazz-infused, hip-hop bred, politicized texts of Lenelle Moise. All the performers have a strong commitment to social, ecological and economic justice.

Weekend workshops and song swaps focus on topics such as songwriting, the marketing of musicians, funny songs, choral and improvisational singing, rounds, labor, protest, war and peace songs, environmental, economics, homelessness, and gay/lesbian/bisexual issues.
             There will be a Plenary on Saturday afternoon, focusing on music and the movement that is working to take back our communities. Co-sponsors of the weekend are the community organizations of Jobs with Justice, Arise for Social Justice and the Pioneer Valley Project. We invite you or your organization to co-sponsor the PMN weekend. The primary responsibility of co-sponsors is to help publicize the weekend and to encourage your members/associates to attend.
Over 100 PMNers will be coming from out of town and will need lodging for the weekend. If you can provide a homestay for the weekend and for more information, contact Diane Crowe, at  -   413-548-9394.

Update, and Inside your Pantry | Lo's Spice Rack

I swear I'm still alive.

I took a wee, unintended break from blogville for various reasons - but mostly because I've been spending a lot of what little spare time I have focusing on healthy recipes and nutrition. I'm really passionate about being creative with healthy food, but alas this is not a nutrition blog so I don't want it to overwhelm the Social Home. With Christmas coming, I'm sure to get re-inspired in the home department and will have some fun and creative posts your way!

In the meantime, go and visit reader and fellow blogger Lo, who just re-did her pantry and spice rack using some of my labels. She did an incredible job and I am totally crushing on those aqua spice containers! I die!

The “Grand Bargain”: Thanks But No Thanks!

The “Grand Bargain”: Thanks But No Thanks!

WHAT:            Press Conference
WHEN:           Thursday, November 29, 11:30 am
WHERE:        Old Federal Building, 1500 Main St.
WHO:              20 people including Union and Peace activists, green energy small business people, social service and medical providers, National Priorities Project, and religious leaders

President Obama and congressional Republicans are negotiating a “Grand Bargain”.  The danger is that such a bargain will undermine the economy and slash vital social programs instead of growing the economy and improving the quality of life for Americans.

“Reports indicate that a “Grand Bargain” may increase the Medicare eligibility age, switch to a ‘chained CPI’ to reduce future benefits for Social Security recipients, allow extended unemployment insurance to expire, or make similar cuts," said Susan Theberge of Fund Our Communities Not War.  “Any 'Grand Bargain' with further cuts beyond the $1.5 trillion already adopted by Congress should be rejected out of hand. In the spirit of this holiday season, ‘thanks but no thanks.’”

Adds Jon Weissman of Western Massachusetts Jobs with Justice, "We’re not broke! We need our Senators to heed the will of Massachusetts voters who overwhelmingly passed the Budget for All question, to oppose any 'deal' that would cut programs that benefit us all, and to invest in jobs instead.”

The "Budget for All" referendum question passed in all 91 cities and towns in which it was on the ballot by an average 3 to 1 margin. The referendum called on Congress and the President to prevent cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits and other vital safety net programs; stimulate the economy by creating and protecting jobs; raising revenues by closing corporate tax loopholes and raising taxes from the top 2% income earners; and redirecting military spending to domestic needs and ending the Afghanistan war now. 

The “Deal for All” resolution, H. Res. 733, makes similar proposals as the “Budget for All”. It is cosponsored by 41 members of Congress, including Massachusetts Reps. Capuano, Frank, Markey, McGovern, and Olver.

Join us for a press conference calling on the President and Congress to heed the will of Massachusetts voters, fiscal responsibility and the social conscience in the imminent budget deal.

Public announcement.

Good day Jammers and Family

We know that you all have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of the now infamous Thesis Social Jam Session, aka TSJS. This national popular culture phenomenon has been a part of what nourishes urban youth culture for a period of four years. Over the years, subscription TSJS forces have grown at an exceeding rate, with the event growing numbers that not only occupied the street, but also was extended to the surrounding parking lot.

Despite this incredible growth of a formidable lifestyle brand that fosters community and youth entrepreneurial spirit, there seems to be loopholes in the current city by laws that are being exploited to put a halt to the revolution.
This became apparent to the TSJS team, when the session was shut down for no apparent reason by the local law enforcement officers.
Despite numerous and heartfelt efforts by the TSJS team to keep in tact an iconic and organically South African urban youth culture brand, it would seem that the situation has reached a significantly dismal dead end courtesy of bureaucratic and bias Joburg City Management procedure.
The situation has reached ridiculous proportions, with The Thesis Social Jam Session officially being RED flagged by the Cities Event Management Structures.
Despite following due process for the planning of events as prescribed by the X Law, various players within the Johannesburg Event Organising Committee commonly known as JOC have taken great and in many instances unreasonable measures to ensure that we do not succeed in our efforts to continue - as it stands, the Police were not willing to grant us the permission letter in order for us to do the session, and they have not given any valid indication of why the permission cannot be granted.

It is with a heavy heart, that the TSJS Team officially announces that on this day 26 November 2012, that the final session for 2012 will not be taking place circumstances and exploitation of our cities laws, furthermore, there would be no more Thesis Social Jam Session at all after this one.

The implications for US? We FUCKED because we will not be able to grow our consumer base in our own space. What does this mean for YOU? 
You will lose out on a spot that was as authentic, open aired and willing to accommodate all cultures in Soweto, a spot that could cater for various levels of tempo and ambiance, a space that brings you closer to your senses about the music, comedy and poetry scenes in Soweto. This is the reality.

In light of these developments, we are already working on a bigger version of the Thesis Social Jam Session, which will be called Thesis Social Jam Festival that we will host annually in Soweto. We will be launching a quarterly magazine that will encompass changing the face of two shops, just like Thesis did. We see ourselves as an idea incubator and that will never change.

“All good things never come to an end, they evolve into something bigger”

Standing up for what you believe in

Ellen Graves will be missing a few days of work at Arise next week-- she and five other members of the Shut It Down Affinity Group will be going to trial for a protest at Vermont Yankee in August.

Here's a link about the trial.  There a chance that she and others will be serving some time and we'll have to get by without her for a while, which won't be easy.  But whatever happens, we know Ellen and her affinity group are acting on behalf of us all.

What if everyone were willing to stand up, lie down, sing, chant, link arms and say, "Enough is enough!"

“One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

“Protest beyond the law is not a departure from democracy; it is absolutely essential to it.”
Howard Zinn

“Colorful demonstrations and weekend marches are vital but alone are not powerful enough to stop wars. Wars will be stopped only when soldiers refuse to fight, when workers refuse to load weapons onto ships and aircraft, when people boycott the economic outposts of Empire that are strung across the globe. ”
Arundhati Roy, Public Power in the Age of Empire  


What next for homeless families?

So after two public hearings, many phone calls and emails, and more than one protest here in Springfield, DHCD has made some changes in the regulations that govern homeless families' access to shelter.  So the situation facing homeless families is somewhat improved.  But the situation is still worse than I've ever seen it.

The gap between people's incomes and the cost of housing and other necessities of life is big enough to swallow the 35% of Springfield's residents who live below the poverty level.  TAFDC benefits-- welfare for families-- had a 10% increase twelve years ago and nothing since. In the last ten years, wages have grown at the slowest rate since the decade of the Great Depression. 

Families who become homeless are those pushed over the edge of the cliff by the backward movement of the working and middle class.The question is, of course, who's doing the pushing?  Who benefits from the misery of so many?

To: Interested Parties
From: Ruth Bourquin (MLRI) and Kelly Turley (Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless)
Date: November 20, 2012
Re: DHCD’s Proposed Changes to “Final” Emergency Assistance Regulations and Guidance

We received today from a third party a memorandum from DHCD outlining certain changes they intend to make to the emergency EA regulations and related pieces of Guidance before they become final.  Some of the planned changes are very important and meaningful, for which we thank the Administration.

But the proposal on the key issue of “imminent risk of having to stay in a place not meant for human habitation” and the requirements for proving “irregular housing” are unsatisfactory and will continue to leave too many children at risk. For this reason, we urge additional changes.

1.         “Imminent risk of staying in a place not meant for human habitation.”

In its memorandum entitled “Further Actions to Strengthen the Safety Net for Homeless Families” dated November 19, 2012, DHCD states on page 2 that it will provide eligibility for certain families at “imminent risk”. But the limitations on this “imminent risk” category are too extreme, e.g. it applies only to (a) those with a child under the age of 6 months, (b) households with a family member with a documented medical condition or diagnosed disability, and (c) those in double up situations in which the presence violates the lease and there is documentation that the landlord will take action to terminate the tenancy if the homeless family remains.

This leaves out most families with vulnerable children whose health and safety will of course be threatened by staying in a place not meant for human habitation, including those with a child over the age of 6 months.

Moreover, the proposed language about “imminent risk” is nowhere in the actual, enforceable regulations. It appears only in a sub-regulatory policy document, Housing Stabilization Notice 2012-06B, p. 7. And the language there does not require that eligibility be conferred in such situations. It only gives DHCD workers discretionto request a DCF health and safety assessment.

While we appreciate that the Administration has made some movement, this is not a satisfactory response with respect either to the substance of the policy or the failure to include the limited protection in the actual regulations.

2.         Irregular Housing Situation/Chronic Couch Surfing.

            On page 2 of its November 19 memorandum, DHCD says it has provided additional instruction on “irregular housing situation.” This additional instruction is also in Housing Stabilization Notice 2012-6B, pages 5- 6. Unfortunately, this additional instruction makes this category more,not less, restrictive than current practice,[1] and will relegate families to as much as a full month of bouncing from one place to another for very short periods of time in each place.

            On page 6 of the Notice, DHCD says:

The determination of what constitutes “persistent irregular housing” in a particular case will vary dependent on a weighing of all the factors. The shorter the lengths of stay in particular places, the greater the number of total moves, the greater the number of different locations, and the longer the time since the family last had regular housing, the more likely that the family will be found to have had persistent irregular housing. In general, a family that has moved every 2–4 days, to at least 6 different locations, over a period of over one month, will be considered to face persistent irregular housing. For daily moves to a different place every night, the total time period might be somewhat shorter; for weekly moves among 6 different families, but without any regular pattern of rotation forming, the total time period should be considerably longer. (emphasis supplied)

This is not a reasonable policy for families with children most of whom are trying to maintain regular attendance at school and parents who are trying to retain employment. And this is a policy that will subject homeless families to additional serious stress and related health risks.

3.         Positive Changes.
            The regulations are being amended to provide:
a) that a family evicted for purely no fault reasonscan be eligible for shelter without first staying in a place not meant for human habitation or engaging in irregular housing, 67.06(1)(a)3.e;
b) that a double-up housing situation will qualify as a significant threat to health and safety if it qualifies as “unfit for human habitation” pursuant to the State Sanitary Code, 67.06(1)(f)6.d.(iv); and
c) that the exhaustion of time limits in a time-limited emergency family homeless shelter not funded by EA qualifies as “irregular overnight sleeping situation.” This should cover the end of stays in motels paid for by Travelers Aid, regional networks, faith community groups and others, although clarification of that from DHCD would be helpful.

Certain sub-regulatory Guidance is also being amended as follows:
a) DHCD sub-regulatory Guidance on Domestic Violence is being amended to allow required third-party professional documentation to be dated close in time to the EA application even if the domestic violence that was fled occurred more than 60 days before the application. To avoid confusion, we would continue to suggest that DHCD simply remove the language about requiring documentation “dated close in time to the domestic violence incident” on page 7 of the Notice 2012-07A, instead of keeping that requirement and then creating a fiction that more recent documentation meets that standard. Most importantly, the DV Guidance has not yet been amended to allow crediting of a domestic violence survivor’s own declaration of the violence or of statements by family members, friends, neighbors or other third parties who do not meet the definition of a “professional” yet have knowledge of the violence.
b) A provision has been included in new Housing Stabilization Notice 2012-06B recognizing that a family is eligible for shelter if they are being kicked out of a double-up because their presence violates a lease and there is documentation confirming that the landlord will take action to enforce the lease. This change is positive, but too limited. Many host tenants will reasonably not want to tell their landlords that they have violated the lease by having guests. Proof that the presence of the EA applicant family violates the lease should be enough.
c)  Former homeowners who were foreclosed upon and then evicted may qualify under the “no fault” eviction provisions but only if their foreclosure was based on failure to make mortgage payments due to decreased income within the past 12 months or due to a disability or medical condition. No provision is made to confer eligibility on victims of predatory lending.

            We thank the Administration for making the positive changes and Legislators for helping to make them happen. But we look forward to continued dialogue and further, much-needed changes, particularly with respect to the issues of “imminent risk of staying in a housing situation not meant for human habitation” and requirements for proving an “irregular housing situation.” 

[1] The adoption of this more restrictive language without another 60 days advance notice to the legislature is arguably unlawful.

I'm calling it Koreogamy.

As mentioned in my previous post, there really is no convenient term to describe object of male desire. Considering the suggestions made in the previous post, I've decided that Elusive Wapiti's suggestion is the most appropriate.  Hence, Koreogamy will be term I'll use to describe the quiddity of male sexual desire.  Kore being Ancient Greek for maiden (Young woman). If anyone has any objections speak up. Perhaps the Dark Lord will confer his blessing on the term.

Thanks to EW for the suggestion. BTW, he has a good essay on the topic over at The Spearhead.

Life in Gaza

'Kill the Gays" bill back before Ugandan parliment

Readers of this blog know that we have our own local villain in Springfield-- "Rev." Scott Lively.  Join us on December 7 for a standout for International Human Rights Day-- details to follow.  Take action!

Act now to stop the "Kill the Gays" bill in Uganda.
Join the global outcry now and make sure Museveni keeps his promise to veto.
Dear amy,
Uganda's infamous "Kill the Gays" bill is back. If it passes, this horrific law would allow the death penalty for lesbian and gay Ugandans. It could pass at any moment. 
President Museveni once promised to veto this heinous bill. But Uganda's politicians are desperate to pass the bill and they're pressuring Museveni to give in. The Speaker of the Parliament is actually calling it a "Christmas gift" to Uganda!
Last May, millions of us stood up with activists from across Uganda to stop this very same law - and it worked.  Now we have to do it again.  We need to take action and share this far and wide.  We need every voice to build a massive outcry that the media and world leaders can't ignore.  The pressure could be enough to stop this bill in its tracks:
According to our partners, the bill is now up for debate and can be voted on at any moment.  As Ugandan politicians work to finalize the the text of the bill, one thing is clear - if passed, it will force lesbian, gay, bi and trans Ugandans into the shadows.  Despite global opposition, some politicians in Uganda refuse to give up the bill and one is even calling for a new regional law, that would send every gay person in Africa to jail – for life.
If this bill passes in Uganda, it wouldn't just mean tragedy for gay and lesbian Ugandans – it could set off a domino effect across the continent. Will you add your name and ask your friends to sign with you now?
These politicians are using homophobia to distract Ugandans  and the world  from the very real problems they're supposed to be addressing at home, from corruption to freedom of the media. They're playing political games with people's very lives and lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans Ugandans will pay a steep price if they win.
With millions of us together, we helped knocked this bill off course once before. Our friends in Uganda need to know we still have their backs.  Sign now and then ask your friends to get on board there's no time to lose!
This global movement for the simple right to live and love freely is unstoppable. But, as this hateful bill shows, there are still many hurdles in the historic battle for human rights and full equality. This is one of those milestone moments, and by raising your voice you are making a huge difference.
Thanks for going All Out.
Andre, Hayley, Jeremy, Sara and the rest of the All Out team.

Uganda's anti-gay bill to be passed by end of year

Center for Constitutional Rights
Condemns Reintroduction of Ugandan
Anti-Homosexuality “Kill the Gays” Bill
November 21, 2012, New York, NY –  In response to today’s announcement that the Ugandan parliament has reintroduced its notorious anti-homosexuality bill, the Center for Constitutional Rights issued the following statement:
The Center for Constitutional Rights strongly condemns the Ugandan parliament’s reintroduction of its notorious Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Whether the bill is passed into law or not, it intensifies a climate of hatred and persecution of the Ugandan LGBTI community, where activists have been outed in the press, attacked and killed. While we have not yet seen the current version of the bill, earlier versions have led to the death penalty for homosexual acts between consenting adults, criminalized writing, speaking, demonstrating, or otherwise advocating for LGBTI rights, and required extended prison sentences for anyone  including family members, doctors and clergy who does not turn a suspected member of the LGBTI community over to the authorities.
The reintroduction of this bill comes, as it has several times in the past, at a time of political turmoil in Uganda.  It serves as a convenient distraction from foreign aid embezzlement scandals, a pension scam involving a high-level government official and a damaging UN report on Uganda’s role in the Congo.
U.S. evangelicals have played a major role in fomenting this hate as well as creating the legislative strategy, which puts a special onus on the U.S. government to publicly condemn the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. The Center for Constitutional Rights stands with Sexual Minorities Uganda and everyone in Uganda fighting for the rights of LGBTI people, and we join international calls for this bill to be stopped once and for all. 
The Center for Constitutional Rights brought the case Sexual Minorities Uganda v. Lively against Abiding Truth Ministries President Scott Lively for his anti-gay efforts in Uganda, including his efforts to strip away fundamental rights form LGBTI persons in Uganda.
The Center for Constitutional Rights is dedicated to advancing and protecting the rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Founded in 1966 by attorneys who represented civil rights movements in the South, CCR is a non-profit legal and educational organization committed to the creative use of law as a positive force for social change. Visit and follow @theCCR.



I. From the official Department of Housing and Community Development Homeless Coordinator’s training Powerpoint

Where were you sleeping before you slept in the car?
How many nights have you spent in the car?
Were your children with you?
Do you own the car?
Do you have the keys to the car?
Do you have the registration or insurance paperwork for the car?
Can you identify the car by make, model, or license plate?
Can you describe the interior color or exterior color?
Are your belongings in the car now?
Where was the car parked when you slept in it?
Where is it parked now?
How did you get to our office?
Can you substantiate that you slept in the car
with a parking ticket, citation
police report or letter from the owner?

II.The Unofficial questions

How cold did it get?
How many people tried to break into the car?
How many people did break into the car?
Where did you relieve your bladder?
Why is your hair so neat if you slept in a car?
Why are you giving your child carbon monoxide poisoning?  
Why should you not lose custody of your child for resorting to these irresponsible measures?

And can you tell me the color of the seats?
And how many cars passed you in the night?
What time did the birds start singing?
What time did the children stop crying?

*In August and September of 2012, new regulations came into effect which drastically reduced the right to shelter for homeless families.  Mothers and children who should have been eligible for shelter slept in cars, police stations, subway stations, and still they were turned away. The administration claimed that indigent mothers and children were sleeping in cars and emergency rooms deliberately to make themselves eligible for shelter, or were lying about having done so.  Part I of the poem is from an official DHCD training Powerpoint for the workers who screen shelter applicants. Parts II is culled from the spontaneous email responses of community services organizations to the Power point. 

Just published in Cutthroat 


Fashion should always be personal and almost effortless (minus all the hours you put into online shopping etc). This outfit is no exception, I honestly picked out my two favourite pieces at the moment and made them work together.. Can't really go wrong with a slouchy sports tee (from Sportsgirl) or a well cut classic white skirt (Watson X Watson). Made extra cool with addition of my good mate's (Starring Nobody) faux leather cap and some killer heels. As you can see from my last picture... this outfit ensemble makes me extremely happy! The way fashion should be.

T-Shirt: Sportsgirl
Cuff: C/o Peeptoe Shoes

Photo's by my girl Starring Nobody

Lets Socialise...

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Hurricane Sandy and Climate Change

[This is a reflection on Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath in New York City. D.O. recently returned from delivering hurricane relief supplies to Occupy Sandy in Brooklyn]

As a born and raised New Yorker I've always identified deeply with the City. As an accidental environmental activist and broadcaster, I always fear for our planet and all her inhabitants. I feel certain most people do as well, when they actually think about it. Sometimes it takes a disaster to bring these things into our everyday lives. Twenty years ago I helped to promote
The World Scientists' Warning to Humanity, a paper that told us "No more than one or a few decades remain before the chance to avert the threats we now confront will be lost and the prospects for humanity immeasurably diminished".  Those one or a few decades have passed and it's not just humanity whose prospects are immeasurably diminished, it's most of life on Earth. Now, the streets I walked so often on the Lower Eastside of Manhattan have been under water.  A lot of water.  And this is just the beginning. Frankly, I take that personally.  I am saddened and I am outraged.

The Climate Crisis is not some abstract scientific paper. It's certainly not the alleged hoax so many far-right reactionary ideologues would have us believe. It is real, it is human-caused, and it is upon us. We can take down greedy financiers and traders on Wall Street, we can stop immoral home evictions, and we can rebuild devastated communities, but how can we push back the change in our climate? There are multiple answers to that question and it is a personal thing for each and every one of us, even for those who have never given the natural environment a second thought. Some of the answers are as simple as committing ourselves to use less: less energy, less junk from China, less resources. Other answers involve the larger community, the state and federal government. That can require getting into the streets or to seemingly endless hearings and meetings. And still other answers involve confronting Corporate America, the companies and forces that are most responsible for destroying the planet. That takes a lot of time and personal energy. Since we are legion we can address all these answers and more. We can change the way industrial civilization uses the planet we all live upon. We can do this thing,
really, but we must do it now.

-Don Ogden (d.o.)

d.o. is the producer of The Enviro Show and co-producer of Occupy the Airwaves
WXOJ-LP, Valley Free Radio
Florence, Masachusetts

Photo from U.S. Coast Guard's photostream at Flickr

Greenwashing at Walmart

As Walmart and Walmart supply-chain workers rise up for dignity and respect, we can support them in Western Massachusetts and across the nation.
On November 23 (Black Friday) Jobs with Justice coalitions are adopting Walmart stores to engage in creative action.  In areas where OUR Walmart members are walking out, coalitions will mobilize community/labor solidarity for the picket line, coordinating with the workers’ plans.  Elsewhere, actions will include Walmart-focused Christmas caroling, leafleting shoppers, asking them to wear “I support Walmart workers” stickers inside, flash mobs inside the stores, and more.

To get involved in Western Mass., click here to email us.  After you pick a store, the team captain will be in touch.  Our stores are:

Healthy Home | Eggnog Smoothie

I'm not sure what jingles my bells more; hearing Mariah's "All I want for Christmas" for the first time of the season, or chugging an iced cold glass of eggnog.

Preferably I'd be doing both simultaneously.

Unfortunately, my new found interest in healthful living (and subsequent plant-based eating) ultimately tossed a wrench in 50% of that plan. A couple of years ago (before even being a soy milk drinker) I tried a Soynog alternative hoping for a healthier version. Not so much. It didn't even compare, so why bother?

So I decided to make my own....

And then I took it one step further, and I thought, why not try and make it into a delicious smoothie, and one with natural, healthful ingredients?

And SmoothieNog was born.

I'm not big on tooting my own horn, but goodness gracious this smoothie is delcious. Thick, creamy, frosty and, for me, as eggnogy as it gets without using real eggnog or even eggs for that matter.

So here it is, a vegan, no-refined-sugar, healthy fat and fibre full smoothie that you can enjoy guilt-free all season long!

  • 1 cup soy milk (or milk beverage of your choice)
  • 1 large frozen banana (freeze at least the day before, peeled and cut into chunks)
  • 3-4 small pitted dates or 2 large*
  • Approx 3 - 5 almonds
  • 1 tbsp healthy seed mix (my go to is flax, chia, hemp hearts and buckwheat, but just chia or flax would work great for this)
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 - 1/2 tsp rum extract (depending on how rummy you like it!)
  • pinch cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp nutmeg (save some to sprinkle on top)

(*not required, but definitely kicks this drink up a notch- if you don't have dates in your house I fully suggest adding them to your pantry- I use them EVERY day and they make a great alternative to many sweeteners.)

For bonus points, add a cup of spinach. It'll up the nutritional benefits and you won't even taste it!

Note: I made mine in my NutriBullet (love it!). A Vita Mix would be wonderful for this, but if you only have a Magic Bullet or blender you still should be fine. I would recommend milling the almonds and seeds separately first and then adding that mixture when you blend the rest of the ingredients for the best consistency.

Good luck and happy nogging!

New Pantry Labels! | "La Terre" Collection

If you thought my pantry was organized and well stocked, well, you'd be wrong. Sure, this one "pantry cupboard" looks pretty nifty, but the rest, not so much.

Since switching out "the husband diet" for a more healthful, nutritious way of eating, I have found my pantry items and cupboard composition have completely changed. Gone are the boxes or canisters of pasta and crackers and packaged goods. In their place, a bounty of organic bulk food items in plastic baggies with twist ties. Nuts of every variety, dried beans, dried herbs, grains and seeds.

Something had to be done. The baggies were killing me. Sure, I had them in one of my trusty bins, but I could not get over the fact that I use these ingredients everyday, while the items in my Vintage Blue pantry barely get touched anymore.

Having no glass containers left, I headed back to Dollorama to stock up. They never fail me there. I love them so much.

My bulk items were now happy to have a glass house, but as every organizer knows, labels are essential.

One would think a person of my nature would be matchy matchy. That I would NEED my new "bulk food" labels to match my blue pantry labels.

But no, I decided to throw a twist in there and do something entirely different! I may be a Type A, but I figured if I put these containers in a new pantry cupboard, let's call it my "healthy" pantry, then it's allowed to have it's own identity, right?

They are simple. Practical. Beautiful. I like that I can add in some desciptives below (not pictured, but on other labels I've added a quick reference to the nutiritional info, or a cooking time). I am rather found of them.

You can buy yourself some Martha kraft labels from Staples and whip something similar up pretty easily. If you don't have access to a printer, or just don't like to do these kinds of things, I plan on listing "La Terre" labels in my shop tomorrow!

Hope you like them!

xo J

Arise's 25th Celebration- A success- A tribute to some of the members behind the scenes

The humble work of those behind the scenes.The value of those beautiful individuals who only wish to serve. I stand in awe. I embrace them. I honor them.

On Saturday, November 10thI had the privilege of working closely with some amazing individuals. We, as a team, a well lubricated machine, a precisely choreographed dance, an act of Love and devotion to Arise for Social Justice, prepared a meal for 300 guests. Some of us met at Christ Church Cathedral in the morning. Throughout the day, others filtered in to lend their Love. In all of the years I have been working in the culinary field, I have never experienced the level of willingness to help, that I did for this event. It was a pleasure. I found each and every person there to be a gift. We gave it our all. No corners cut. Everything that we did that day was well focused. Our plan as a team was to prepare quality food and serve it hot. The kitchen was spotless when we left thanks to Sharon and all who helped clean up. The transportation team was something to be envied by UPS, fast, efficient and task oriented.   

A labor born of Love can only be a success. I have come to know that it is all about relationships. I have learned this through the devoted members of Arise for Social Justice. The priceless reward of working with all of you on Saturday has had a profound effect on my life. I am proud to be a fellow member of Arise with all of you. To all who helped that day, Thank You.

Mitchell-Ellen-Patti-Ruben-Alexie-Tonique-Zeborah-Lisa-Sharon-Madeline-Barbara- Vee –Jackie-Fran- (and all of the others whose names I have missed)

Additionally- Hats off to Margret Malloy for a splendid Alfredo Sauce and the coveted “Lemon Squares” and Mo Ringey for incredible potato, cheese and grape appetizers.

In Solidarity,
John Morris

Femogamy: A New Term for the Manosphere.

Everyone who has spent any time amongst the Manosphere blogs is by now familiar with the term hypergamy: the desire for women to marry up. Unfortunately, as far as I'm aware, there doesn't appear to be a similar term for the equivalent male urge: the desire to marry more attractive, feminine women, i.e. younger, hotter, tighter. This is an unfortunate omission which tends to stymy a good  understanding of the human libido and relationship dynamics. Many manosphere commentators, especially the MRA crowd, fail to understand that female hypergamy is a natural instinct and not some perverted moral choice.

The reason I bring this up is because there has been an interesting discussion going on over here which seems to illustrate quite clearly the categorical error made by many manosphere commentators. They can't seem to recognise that, when it comes to the human libido, the hypergamous impulse in women is equivalent to the (femogamous?)  impulse in men.  There may be better words to describe the impulse out there,  and I'm all open to suggestions, but I think this omission of a name for male-specific sexual desire confuses the situation, especially amongst weaker minds.

Weaker minds, I feel, make a category error when dealing with hypergamy, attributing to it a moral dimension which really isn't there.  Hypergamy is the natural object of female sexuality. It's not a choice, and therefore devoid of a moral dimension, but a hard wired instinct.  It's what women involuntarily feel in the presence of a suitable male. Women have about as much choice about their hypergamous natures as men do about their femogamous ones. It's a fact of life and getting angry about it is about as idiotic as getting angry about the orbital motion of the planets or the unfairness of Plank's constant. How a woman chooses to act on those feelings confer a moral dimension to them, but the fact of being attracted to alpha males is morally neutral.

In many ways the men complaining against hypergamy are akin to the "fat acceptance" crowd and their logic, when complaining about male femogamy.  The fatties are constantly harping on about how there is something wrong with men for preferring thinner women. The MRA/MGTOW crowd are constantly asserting that there is something wrong with women for preferring higher status males. Both loser groups, being the neglected victims of natural human desires, want to punish or constrain normal people from having them. Social engineering is the preferred vehicle.

One of the big tenets of conservative thought is of accepting the reality of human nature.  Conservatives believe that you can't socially engineer it to your pleasure; that intellectual error belongs to the Left.  And if you think about this a bit more deeply, you'll see then that the anti-hypergamy crowd aren't conservative in any sense at all, rather, their thought process is fundamentally radical, more akin to the left, in their understanding of human nature.  That's why there is an overlap between traditionalist "romantic" understandings of women and feminism.

If anyone has a better name for the concept I'd be glad to hear from them.