Gloomy thoughts.

As a conservative, it's with quite a bit of dismay that I read of other supposed conservative commentators calling for Greece to restructure (not to pay back) it's debts. Others are calling for Greece to opt out of the Euro and to go back to the drachma, thereby being able to manipulate its currency to pay back its debt. Amongst far too many commentators there is the notion that a bit of inflation is not too bad a thing, as it makes stealing paying back debts easier.

The problem with this line of thinking is that they haven't thought about the problem very deeply, else they wouldn't be advocating such a stupid notion.

We need to remind ourselves one of the ways that banks make money is by lending out other peoples money. That "other peoples money" is usually someone else's saving or investment. Hence, when commentators are advocating that Greece give the bankers "the finger" what they're advocating is that Greeks give the finger to the bankers,........and the little old lady who saved up for their retirement..........and the nurses pension fund...........and the couple saving for their first home.

The biggest losers of any debt restructuring will be both the Greeks, whom afterwards no one will want to lend to(austerity then won't be an option), and some baby boomers whose retirement funds will be vapourised in the process. It's a lose/lose situation.

However it would be a mistake to think that this is just a Greek Crisis. I've got the feeling that the birthplace of democracy will also end up having its burial of it there.

The problem is that nearly all the western countries have borrowed more than prudent, and at the moment, systemic debt is so great that there is simply no way to pay it back. The net result of this is that a lot of people, particularly baby boomers who were encouraged to save for their retirement, are going to be poorer--a lot poorer--as a result of global debt "restructuring". 

Previously, given the pyramidal demographic structure of the West. Inflation which eroded the savings of retiree's could be compensated for by increasing taxation and hence spending on social security.  However as birth rates collapsed, the pyramidal demographic structure has become a rectangle, the ratio of workers to retirees is much smaller.

The cultural and political implications of this make for unsettling prognostication for  a conservative. The baby boomers, who are still a very large demographic block,  are not going to give up the retirement which they were counting on just because their own funds vapourised, rather they will vote for politicians who promise them "social justice". Just as there was in the Great Depression, there will be a cultural and political lurch to the left. The New Deal would have been impossible without the Great Depression.

Futhermore, taxation social security spending will continue to remain high for a long time yet, a least until the baby boomers cease being viable political force. 

We're in this recession for a long long time.

Hansa launches at TSJS

From 22 July, Hansa Pilsener drinkers everywhere can enjoy the same refreshingly different taste of Hansa, in a new refreshingly

different bottle.

Hansa Pilsener will be launching the new bottle for the first time in South Africa at Thesis Social Jam this weekend, three weeks before it breaks in trade nationally.

Be the first to drink out of the new embossed Hansa Pilsener bottle!

The first 100 guests will receive a complimentary Hansa Pilsener on arrival.


A few days ago Roissy put up a post discussing the subject of female careerism.  The main thrust of Rossy's argument was that careerism is a form of female infidelity and to a degree I think he is right.

The problem with careerism is that fundamentally it is incompatible with the concept of marriage, since careerism is fundamentally solipsistic.

At it essence, careerism is the pursuit of self-identity through work and as such is fundamentally self-focused.

Marriage, on the other hand, was traditionally (and correctly) thought of as a union of two people. In being united, they were "one thing" and henceforth the "other" had to be factored in all calculations. Marriage, as traditionally understood was intrinsically anti-solipsistic.

A career then is only compatible with a marriage as long as it is subordinate to it. In other words, a career is quite OK when it takes the marriage into account, it's not OK when the marriage is subordinate to it. A woman whose career comes first is a woman who is attacking the very nature of her marriage.

The reason why I bring this up is that many that careerism is a vice in women, something I agree. But what they fail to see is that careerism is a vice in men as well. People can be unfaithful to their marriage by sleeping with others but they can also be unfaithful to the marriage by having an affair with their job.

Goodbye, talk soon!

Tomorrow I leave for Europe.. 

I will be trying my very best to capture as much as I can whilst I am gone and I very much hope to blog while I am away.

Please follow and stay in touch :)


Athens Burning

It's an old article but a good one and pertinent once again to contemporary financial events.
It is perhaps an inherent problem wherever the universal franchise is unaccompanied by widespread virtues such as honesty, self-control, providence, prudence and self-respect. Greece is therefore a cradle not only of democracy, but also of democratic corruption.

The Greek demonstrators did not understand, or did not want to understand, that if there were justice in the world, many people, including themselves, would be worse rather than better off, and that a reduction in their salaries and benefits was not only economically necessary but just.
Read of the rest of the article here. The American Founding Fathers knew the score: Democracy ends when the mob becomes corrupted. It's not just the bankers and politicians which are wicked, so are the people.


Please visit  Rochadames Boutique from all enquiries and orders. All garments featured in this look book are currently in stock and available for purchase. Please also check out Rochadames blog here.

Thank you for everyone involved in this shoot. Zoe our lovely model was the competition winner for the Rochadames "search for a model" Facebook contest. 

SCRATCHA DVA [Rinse FM / Hyperdub] & LV [Keysound / Hyperdub / Soul Jazz]

BROADEN A NEW SOUND and VICE Magazine teams up for some Future Bass &
Township Funky with 2 of the London Underground's most forward
thinking DJ/Producers:


Joined on the night by special guest MC,

FLETCHER [African Dope / Krushed & Sorted]

SCRATCHA DVA [Rinse FM / Hyperdub]

SCRATCHA aka DVA is involved in everything to do with today’s British
underground electronic music scene. During the height of grime he
worked with Wiley and more recently with KODE 9’s HYPERDUB.

His record bag boasts the timeline of British rave culture from jungle
to present day. Always an informative set, DVA favours upfront and
left of centre music over yesterday’s tired hits. His fans include
Kode 9, Sinden,
Roska, Mary Anne Hobbs and Appleblim.

Since 2005 Scratcha has hosted ‘Grimey Breakfast’, the flagship show
on international tastemaker station Rinse FM, playing everything
relevant to new British electronic music, from funky and dubstep to
d&b and all associated cousins. His role at Rinse means he’s inundated
with new music from the very best of established and up & coming
artists across the board. Scratcha prides himself on blending many
genres, uniting dance-floors of all tastes under the rave culture
umbrella. When it comes to dance music, Scratcha is the man in the
know with his finger firmly on the pulse of the British underground.

Recently he remixed SPOEK MATHAMBO's "Don't Mean To Be Rude" (released
on BBE overseas).

LV [Keysound / Hyperdub / Soul Jazz]

Kode 9 cohorts LV are Will Horrocks, Simon Williams and Gerv Gordon, 3
>> musician/producers based in South East London. Over the last 9 years
they have released their music on labels like Keysound, Hyperdub,
Hemlock, 2nd Drop, Soul Jazz, Ramp & BBE. They work closely with
vocalists Joshua Idehen, Errol Bellot, Dandelion, Okmalumkoolkat,
Spoek Mathambo and Zaki Ibrahim.

In an LV DJ set, little attention is paid to tempo or genre, ranging
from hip-hop beats to worldwide house sounds, to dancehall & rootsy
dubtep rollers and garage to kwaito. The common thread is the
infectious energetic future rhythms and lots of bass.

***Gerv will represent!***

Last year's township funky anthem "Boomslang", featuring our own DIRTY
PARAFFIN's OKMALUMKOOLKAT, joined the dots between the UK underground,
Bass music and Kwaito. Meanwhile 2011 saw their new album, “Routes”
(Keysound Recordings) released to critical acclaim. "Routes" is a
collaboration with poet Joshua Idehen, in which he provides a
fractured narrative, sketching multiple journeys through an imagined

"Routes" Press:

“the most criminally unsung producers in UK music” - SPOONFED MAGAZINE


R60 for first 400 people (R100 after)

and VICE Magazine.

The Travellers Bag.

Outfit Post #6

Packing preparations are under way and I have been trawling through international blogs for some inspiration. I like packing things that don't get crushed in my suit case and are hassle free, jersey and t-shirt materials are perfect for this sort of thing. Do you like my bag ? So mochila inspired and really on trend, best news is that it only cost me $7.00 !!! That's right. Found it in a home wares store.. winning!

T-shirt: Bonds
Shirt: Witchery
Skirt: Country Road
Bag: Loot
Shoes: Witchery

Ummm yes please!

Free Mahala Print magazine

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Grief is impossible without love.

Christian Louboutin Fall 2011: A painters dream

Christian Louboutin Fall 2011 Lookbook by PeterLippmann

A series of images juxtaposing the shoe label’s fall-winter collection with portraits inspired by classic paintings. From Georges de la Tour’s “Magdalene and the Flame” to Jean-Marc Nattier portraits, the images pay homage to art masterpieces with a contemporary twist.

Images and words courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue 

In Memoriam

Today my best friend died.
I picked him from the litter (more like he picked me) and I held him in my arms as he died.

Harry (2000-2011)

4 Years Of Thesis (Umlando)....

The First Person To Purchase at the Store Kgosientsho Ramokgopa Thank you Sir...

The Night before the opening Dreada doing his thing

First JHB Fashion week at Walter Sisulu Square

We where getting closer but we where still far...

Stanley Parkies who played a huge role in the design and the making of Thesis Concept Store. May his soul Rest In Peace
Sunrise: 26-11-1980
Sunset: 03-08-2010

For More Pictures

Timeless Pieces.

On my 21st birthday, my parents asked me what I wanted. Pearls or diamonds was my response. 

I ended up getting a combination of both, a pearl necklace with a diamond clasp. A perfect combination and timeless piece that I will have forever and ever. The other is a necklace from Oroton, also a 21st gift from a friend.

Cool Britannia: Chav Empire.

The things you see at Royal Ascot.

On ladies day no less! It's all class.

Elgar's Britain is dead. So sad.

(From The Daily Mail)

Oh So Whimsical: The Verge Girls

Full time employee or student, we all like to escape our workloads for an hour or so to escape from the pressures that overwhelm us or piles of paper growing on our desk. 

Two and half years now I have been studying and regularly have I made my way down to Verge Boutique in order to lose myself and just relax. On countless occasions have I left this store with pretty purple bags in hand and something unique and special. 

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down and have tea and coffee with sisters, Daniella and Natalia Dionyssiou and talk about what was important to them about running and owning their own business.

This was no uncomfortable tea party, let me assure you. It was more like a friendly catch up rather than a interview, purely because this is the type of relationship I have built with them over the last couple of years, just from popping my head into their store on a regular basis. The customer service facet of their business is what they clearly value the most, and it has reflected their shop in such a positive light that they are now commonly referred to as "the verge girls"  because of their similar (and distinctive) look and shy but very polite mannerisms. 

Fashion runs in this family's blood and the girls have been working in the same shop now for 8 years. Both came from a fashion design background and chose to put their dreams on hold temporarily in order to establish themselves and build their business savvy confidence by taking over the shop and venturing on the path of shop ownership. Once just a mere, but successful shoe store, verge is now a thriving fashion hub located in the Elizabeth Arcade in Brisbane City. Stocking all things girly, stylish and vintage there is something here for everyone to enjoy in Verge all year round. My personal favourite at the moment is the unique collection of jewellery they consistently have. Currently stocking the popular crystal jewellery that everyone is lusting for at incredibly affordable prices and beautiful quality.

The girls describe their personal style as whimsical and gypsy like. Without a doubt, there is something very enchanting and mysterious about these two and you can see the reflections of their personal style throughout the store. Nothing pleases me more than young success, so I wish the two of them the very best in the future. I recommend you all take a break from your busy days next time you are in Brisbane city to also pop your head in and say hi...

EXCITING NEWS FOR VERGE... They have just launched their new website which you can all checkout here